Looking to create a laid back team full of experienced players(30+ Achieves)

Hey guys it’s Gage here and im just looking for a few other experienced players to play some eras with since I am not really apart of any teams. You can reply to this post or you can pm me on F3 @ “Gage JW” for details :slight_smile:

I’d be down. Currently “Padexe” in E3


Would i ever have to log in?

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He asked for experienced players kaen , with 30+ achvs :expressionless:

9 years of experience, 32/34 achievements. May i help you, Romeo?

Don’t fall for it guys, i trusted him, we were teammates i was fighting by myself, i tried reaching him for about 9 hours, no response, i get conquered, he’s online the following tick taking my conquers and my xstals from the person who conquered me. And then has the nerve to reply to me “lets kill him” oh yeah totally after you took my xstals, conquers, didnt help me defend and i saw you moving squads on f3


Who’re you talking about…

As far as i know I’m the most selfless player in BD. Ask my teammates.

(Or maybe I’m just that bad at the game that i wouldn’t know how to steal someones conquers and crystals even if i wanted to) #I’llLetYouGuysDecide


lol not you
Gage, he did that to me this e5 :cry: :stuck_out_tongue:


Just joking kaen dear

Agreed kaen is one of the most self less players :slight_smile:

Lol you stabbed me bro :smiley:

You put a knife in my back and you dont expect one in return?
instead you expect me to continue to play alongside you like nothing happened? Ignore the blood running down my back? lol