Looking for top 3 clan. I'm rank 1

At first, I do not want to write to each boss of the clans because I think this will be better.

Now, when lot of players quit I will be a vulture taking their spot in clan.

Me in game

Super active player, I use all energy (if I am not sleeping)
Always top 100 in raids, now will try top 10
Rank one 2-4 days before end of week
SM supporter l, bought some tokens (after reloaded spent $20-$40 I don’t remember)
I like chat, lol.
Current items:

Me in life

I am 17 years old high school student. My hobby are cars, programming (C++, little C and Swift) and film montage. Overall I’m good at maths and IT.

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Also come join us at English channel and spam boycott
becuse we are doing something

Oh yes. In game Trojan Gaming YT but I will switch it to Trojan soon.

Ok, but please come and spam boycott at english chat cus me and yeet are doin somethin yeah?(at sm)

in reign its very easy requierments.
Well they were , idk what they are now since this 2v2 update.

Just try to keep rank 1 with somewhere to 130 points to join RR

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Topic closed. 20 char

ok I’ll take you I know you a long time

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Well, you are 6 hours late :smile: See ya in game :smiley:

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ok, i was in campaign same time
i watch tv spécial paranormal and i could not go to forum
cool you found, I’ll look for another, good game ,friends :gentle_smile:

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cough Late welcome to Reign Reforged brotha , Enjoy your stay

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No problem I believe both clans are as friendly as I am ^-^

I am happy for joining RR. It is really nice to be with you and Mordulec in one clan :slight_smile:

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