Looking for top 15 clan


Hi everyone,
I’m an active player and looking for a top 15 clan. Currently i’m rank 4/5.
Feel free to pm here or in game.


4/5 rank for a top clan? Lol


Top Ten clan was like rank 1 and 2 and 3 from what I see


well, i will try my luck :wink:


Cant be in a top clan if you cant hold rank 2 or rank 1 consitently


He/She asked for a Top15 clan, it’s full of Rank4/5 there, just can’t join a Top6 clan.


Hey dude you where in the same Clan as me, just saw you left clan.

Well I can leave too for a berret one. I have the best score in the caln usually at rank 3.

Any top 10 clan places left? :smiley:


My clan is open for ya (R5 or higher)
Name: Taco Tech! yes, i know that name is stupid, i just suck at names and asked me frend


Are you the “Stap farming me” dude?


yesstahp farming meh


ahah. Evertyme i LMAO… Long time no see in arena


becuz me rank died (can we stop this discussion its getting off-topic)


friend you did not have to censor our companions with white xD


Did not wanted to show anyones scores.