Looking for someone with God Mode torso!


Hello everyone. Someone still have it? :smile:


Yep I saved a few of my Legacy Torso


I got the new brutality. It’s basically god mode with news stats.


That’s why I’m looking for GodMode :sweat_smile:


I’m also looking for godmode I want to finish one shot 500 damage achievement. Send me when you done with it.


I keep the old one lvl 11 cuz gonna fuse it out at end of year


hey i have it too i got it long ago and i keep it in my second mech i also got the brutality and i’m triyng to make it mythical


dammit i just looked into my old armorgames account and look what i just found i didnt even remember about it but it has the tutorial items (i never completed the tutorial)


I just logged in my second acc and found out that ALL of the items are legacy lol. God Mode color was changed to pink for no reason


Can i get passes to that acc?


The god mode has positive resistence? Or is that from modules?


Did you lost the Mech on AG account?


I think it’s a graphic bug…new torsos wasn’t meant to have negative resistances, and legacy modules can’t increase resistances by at least 40 point in each categories…

I have to check btw…


A visual bug, one of 287764845 :grey_exclamation:




I see you’ve been keeping count. I tried to but got lost around 260173947


No, it had -24 all


hi killen:relaxed::relaxed::sunglasses:



it"s not God Mode, but Brutality ^^


Yup,I didn’t convert my mythical parts