Looking for members

Clan name is Autismo.

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I’d actually join it if i wasn’t in Reign Reforged Lol.

thank you for bragging…

also how’s life in the best current clan?

I will join but fair warning i almost never go on xD

i just let you know, that all members of reign are here, kneeling at my doorsteps and begging me to join…
i just did not make up my mind yet…perhaps they are not good enough for me…:rofl:

We have free breakfast and massage! ;D


Woah that is one sweet life

Atleast they want you to join their clan,whenever i want to join a good clan they always respond with sorry no

it was a joke…i am nowhere near to their requirement…:unamused:

If i can make you feel sarcasm on that post that i replied on then you would understand

i did not…i am sorry