Looking for Eras to Play


So recently I’ve come off a break and have noticed that all my old friends have quit! As disappointed as I was to see they could give up on such a wonderful game I tried a couple eras just placing, and have found that randoms are extremely unpredictable :confused:

So I’ve resorted to the forums! I am accepting any and all opportunities to play eras!
Now for my resume…

  • My IGN is Newbie (Skype: noob.newbie):ghost:

*Can be very active as I am out of school. :blush:

  • Very experienced as I have won 10 eras and placed top 10 in 6. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • Willing to follow a leader devotedly :sunglasses:

  • Most importantly not a particularly big idiot :grinning: I know my stuff when it comes to Battledawn and won’t let you fellow recruiters out there down! :innocent:

Please send me a Skype request at any time and let me know if I’m wanted :hamburger: :grin:


Hey, newbie, ol’ buddy ol’ pal. Im the lad that was in that one cat-based themed alliance on some mars world that was poorly set up with you that ended up breaking apart mid-beginning of era. Nice seeing you again. I’ll be sure to hit you up if I’ll be assembling a team.


Thanks you sweet little butter cup sugar lump, make sure to add my new skype given above :heart: