Looking for clan

I am looking for a clan to join. A clan that wouldnt care about my win/loss ratio (its pretty bad). Preferably with a lot of members that is active or at least does stuff together.

My 2 mechs, which i use for different things.

I do have a clan but i’m going to fill it up it has a lot of “members”
— Pay To Wins —


Darn. I stopped buying tokens after the last big update. Before then i went through thousands of tokens

Dis gaem any gud?

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No. It’s legit literal trash. I just play it to waste time on lunch at work. BD i played for fun and the challenge. This game is just a timewaster for me now


Honestly i only ever started playing it to use to buy tokens through. SM tokens were a lot cheaper than BD tokens, but could be used in BD so i only logged into SM to buy tokens to use on BD. But after i quit BD i kept playing this trash just so i could participate in the forum, since the BD half of the forum is dead

SM tokens were cheaper than BD? I heard the opposite. :confused:

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They were. But currently BD tokens are cheaper by a little bit. So if u wanna buy tokens for SM u could do it through BD

once i accidentally spent like 28k tokens on SM in 20 minutes. good times. after that i made sure not to play SM at the same time im playing BD.

No, I’m never buying again. :slight_smile:

I’d rather throw all my money into the paper shredder at this point.

good point. i’m not buying either. i did my budgeting and realized all the things i could have bought for the amount of money i spent on BD and SM. and all the tokens i bought for BD just disappeared because they can be used and are effective for one round before everything gets erased, while all the tokens spent on SM, all the stuff bought with them gets nerfed and becomes useless with the intention of making players buy more.

so, it was a huge waste in both cases. except for i don’t regret spending anything on BD.

my clan is top 50 ( Taco Tech ) ,18 members (per weak 500-700 wins ) JOIN (tell her :)))

Amount of money spent on sm or bd or combined total? I want to know :wink:

Combined total. Could buy a very nice car just from the spendings in about half a year. But I’ve been playing for about 10 years now

you should of made a video on your spendings :v

gonna copy your idea with “what you can get for 20 dollars” and make a vid “what you can get for $500”

kidding. i don’t intend on spending anymore on this game. i might do videos like that for other games tho (something might change, like Tacticsoft actually making the game playable, so it’s not 100% that im not spending anymore on this game.

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Heck Yea that would be a dope ass video

only if they remove the stupid limit. i wouldnt be able to open the $500 worth of boxes if the limit exists.

i’m gathering boxes i’m not trying to… I just have nothing to boost.

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do you have a lot of boxes right now?

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