Looking for clan (possibly flagged, im a new user)

im currently rank 16 in arena, i got about 8 legendaries.
I get 25-30 wins a week.
Im active a few hours a day.



Join .:xXSupremeXx:.

New clan… Just search the clan and request the invite…

yes, join xXsupremeXx

@JamAnime12 also, i got 8 legendaries now aswel :D… if oyu count my transform crystal

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hey u have same name as me :open_mouth:
besides the middle name

Hello Hello We are looking for players like you.

@Turnip12 Did you ever find a clan?

Hey, @Turnip12

ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG is actually recruiting. We started the clan a few days ago, but we are steadily improving and will soon be able to take down Titans.

Please feel free to message me. The clan filled up quickly, so we have a new 15+ rank requirement. We are predominantly just trying to keep active players - everything else will follow. Hope to hear from you!