Looking for boyfriends


I´ve never ended a relationship if I no longer had another relationship on track!

That if … I went and told him straight “look, all this has been wonderful, but I fell in love with someone else.” That is, it is not wrong to fall in love with someone else, what is wrong is to lie.



Do you want to do a poll of all the potential suitors or something?


Truth has been spoken.


Truth has been spoken x2


Truth has been spoken x3

Wep, available saturday eve?


Truth has been spoken x4:

Get an anime girlfriend - Yeet 2019


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Hello everyone, I am here to tell you that the post above is not unwarranted at all. It is very necessary and useful, and has a purpose.


Thats an automatic answer btw, I dont write it, the system does in my name when I solve a flag. So… I guess ignore it.
And you are right, I never do nothing, Im always doing something.
You changed the saying for a bit, thats why I thought its personal :slight_smile: Apologies for that.
I didnt even think you are interested, dont worry, like you say the topic is a joke and we all here to have fun.
AND, beauty is in the eye of observer. So your opinion doesnt mean much to me :slight_smile: Thanks for being honest tho xD


i wont be your boyfriend, but ill be your girlfriend.

im a girlfriend to just about everyone here so its not my first rodeo


I introduce to you: Astronolina

Recently discovered to be a female so here we have it


I have chosen the Lone Wolf life, very cheap to live and no rules,
So yea, No Partners or Kids For me :smiley: :tada:


yes but no

i can introduce myself y’know

for i am the great girlfriend astranas


Stella Artois for me… :beer:


Now, thats a disapointment…


Why is that Gorgon? Social drinking is not same as getting hammered. :joy::man_facepalming:


Lol agreed. In that department, if i may advise a good Duvel, much better than stellas.


I must try. I also like German wheat beer like Hefeweizen.


My top 3:

Chimay trapiste
Triple carmelite
Delirium tremens

Those are Belgian.
The chimay trapiste might be difficult to find depending on your location, chimay blue is easier.