Looking for boyfriends


Say that to French men… :slight_smile:


Latinos vs French. have no chance the French win except the well-known seduction and flirting. but the Latin blood Caribbean and waist movement does not have rival


LowKee must level up first. He’s far to green for her right now :joy:


That, i admit defeat.


Wow what a heartbreak after so much effort she is gone now so what did rest of us get, a participation certificate??


What are you triying to say? Shes a kind of mantis or something like that??


This all already got very far xD
You all are great guys and every single one of you has something special, no need to compete and attack each other. We can all be friends and happy.
I invite you all for a drink! :cup_with_straw::tumbler_glass::clinking_glasses::beer::tropical_drink::cocktail::wine_glass::champagne:

Pick what you like


Ill take a double magnum of Hendricks.

Thanks for suppliying.


Thats what they always say in the end :frowning::broken_heart:


I’ll take a shot glass of Vodka, Whiskey and Coke.

My friends dared me to take a shot of that, and surprisingly, wasn’t that bad at all. Tasted mostly coke though.

Although a glass (not shot) Whiskey and Coke or Vodka and Whiskey are fine too.

Also wanna check out a real King? I’ll be your King of Reign. :wink:


lol … all this is very S. XIX, Marija … this Elcent!

By the way, none of the knights said he cooks well (and then leaves all the dishes clean and tidy) … conditio sine qua non to be a good life partner.


friend zone. god level :smile:

for this reason.

The more I know women, the more I love my dog :wink:


This topic is called looking for boyfriends, maybe try with men if women seem to disappoint you all the time? Idk how to help you other way.


Welcome to the Latin Caribean macho-world. They offer you “protection” in exchange for “fidelity”.

The woman doesn´t need protection of any guy, the woman is not weak. Nor is the woman a dog to be fed in exchange for “fidelity.”

  • The bad of everything, is that in the end they compare the woman with a dog. But for them, the dog wins.


@Wepwawet I’ve never had a woman poop on my carpet.


Also, why was my meme deleted?


@Marija… after so much offer if I were you I would choose the Franco-Turkish (he says he´s married, but hey! those are details that can be solved …) I had a French boyfriend and he was the maximum! Pure fire, pure romance, he was a great man!


But I already have a boyfriend, I dont need a second one :joy:


Look … you always have to have 2 in case … if one of them fails you, you have another reserve.


You older, wiser. Speaking from experience? :wink: