Looking for boyfriends


Hi @LowKee I have a boyfriend


Hi @Marija omg me too.


You guys seem to have a lot in common


Ttly meant to be.


I find myself somewhat confused. the title of the publication is. looking for boyfriends

boyfriends (plural) which means several.


One man isn’t enough for a woman like Marija.


Is she looking for multiple at different times or for at the same time?


The original topic was a dare from Elcent, and it was ‘‘looking for a boyfriend’’ SINGULAR. But, since @lordgorgon being very nice and knowing me well decided to edit topic name to ‘‘Looking for boyfriends’’.
Thats the whole philosophy @ShadowOfDeath , dont need to be rude :slight_smile:


Forum chads can’t take a joke, you see


dumps his freshly bought roses in the bin as he leaves the topic


Why are you liking this, you monster. Can’t you see I’m devestatedly heartbroken?


There there LowKee. Come back to DnD game and kill some things to make you feel better.


I experimented some powers in this very thread since a few days.
Ill take the blame for any inconvenience that may have occured during that laps.



Are you looking for a younger man?


I don’t think Marija is the cougar type last I heard, more looking for a few sugar daddies?


You and LordGorgon don’t provide enough :wink:


There is something that isn´t clear to me yet (after reading the whole topic) … is Marija or is Elcent who is looking for a boyfriend?

In case the flies … have this very safe, lest Marija say “I accept” and you end up making a match with Elcent …


Maybe those who arrive are not enough men to please their woman … that’s why the Latino man is always above average!


Can we get his above post to the most liked on the forums to further his depression


For @Marija to give a chance to @LowKee:

  • She definitely should
  • She definitely shouldnt
  • Lowkee should fight for it more, women are complex beings
  • I dont care

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