Looking for boyfriends


To bad she is already taken, but it is not me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


if its done tell meh who is if it sure we can all go
if not i ma watch this thread like a hawk going to kill a mouse


True love never dies :wink: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:


who you referring to


This thread and @Marija longing for love


tell them marija that u have selected me already. i pity them for fighting a lost war.


ah okay hehehe you know its jst a dare or is it


we dont even know you yet so we could not sorry buddy try again next time


how will u know me , i am her real life BF , she is with me when she is not playing SM and we laugh at all your requests together.


wait nani this is way to much to process give me a couple sec to think a bit

when did i make requests and if i did prove it
@BaBaBaBaBane this is for real right i think so just want conformation


and what i ment by knowing i ment like knowing you from stuff you do and the peeps you hang out with and other sm stuff


how is it going? Did you find someone or is application still open?


Well , u woke up the topic again xd


Nice RReeeeeeeeeeeeee vive.


Anddd you just revived it loolπŸ˜‚


It’s not reviving if someone else did it whistling



It has been brought to my attention that @Marija has marked down that she is now in a relationship! A big thank you to all that helped with this humongous task but we have managed to pull off the impossible and get Marija a boyfriend!

Anyone with outstanding applications should now assume these are rejected. Further applications will also be rejected.

Congratulations Marija and hope you & him(/her?) are happy!

Plenty more :fish: in the sea for everyone else. Sorry guys!


I really hoped that wouldnt be noticed, I really liked the attention :confused:


bro same, :confounded:


im not really into girls. honestly. so im not really bothered :joy: