Looking for boyfriends



@Malicewolf the boyfriend has been found.


because he want it good real good


Not that you’re going to see this, but why you keep trying to hook me up with people lol. Not that @Marija would probably even be interested in my old ass anyway.


i dont need one all ready got one girl friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


wow lucky you

I’m just wondering if i’m gonna be single for entire life :thinking:


when the time comes the time comes it wil happen sooner or later
you just have to feel it you cant force it to happen


i know dude , i know ;-;


sorry I can’t help here, im a girl myself



oh really never new that you a mod yah


nah I’m not a mod, was part of the MT,

we had to go underground for a bit though :\


oh okay cool not idea what mt means


battledawn’s maintenance team, we don’t do any maintenance just test new features :stuck_out_tongue:

lets keep this on topic though, will marija get a bf? find out on the next episode of dragon ball z


oh okay
i already got a gf so i am good plus i would be to young to please her


Apparently you havent read “The Older Sister Experience”




wow …
that’s strange… :thinking:


i feel like its right to revive this topic because the deed has not been done yet
if this was wrong dont hurt meh


Just when I thought it died …


hahahaha it got revived