Looking for boyfriends


I don’t know lmao.

Also don’t mind that post behind me…elcent did something to me lmao.
Yes it was message to you.


my my people are so strange.


The resumes sent to Supermechs@tacticsoft.net weren’t nearly up to par for our Marija’s heart! Come on people! Send in your resumes now!! Don’t let her be single on single’s day!


Because you still don’t have bf, simple as that :wink:

Oh, and do I still need to send application via email? Because if I don’t have to I’m interested :slight_smile:


Isn’t it TS official e-mail?


If a woman needs to find a boyfriend in a gaming forum.
I think that explains why she does not have one.

and even worse is that @elcent is taken into account as an option I think that would be described as extreme despair.

also she has not said:
who is she?.
who is dedicated?.
how old years?.
if she has children? she studies? she works? or she does not do anything besides she needs to post some recent photos to know who is what she looks like. maybe is an other miss spain. LOL


I mean, Elcy also needs to find a boyfriend. She’s very lonely.


who is elcy?. maybe she need going to the bar. or call to men’s agency and pay for this.


I am here purely as a support role for Marija. Pretty happy being as I am :slight_smile:


You didn’t say how much older :thinking:


Not twice my age @Mr.E , not twice my age :stuck_out_tongue:
And can everyone please stop supporting this topic :joy::joy:


Well what’s your age? Maybe I qualify in that sense.

If you’re 22-23. I’d be just under twice your age.


Im 20, thats why I tell you :joy:


Fair enough. @The_Yo_Yo_Man might fit the bill. He’s from your country too. Heard he’s hot. Well at least his Mechs


Excuse me but what?




You forgot the most important part, he isnt 18 or more xD
Your plans fall into water :slight_smile:


Yes,very true.

If you think i’m lien then please re-think yourself.


I’m down to be your boyfriend, as long as we have a NAP TIL tick 500, and you don’t build an op near my house.


Let me be your boyfriend , why

  1. u will be my first forum GF and as i am inexperienced i wont try to force anything on u.
  2. again as i have no previous experience of forum GF u can train me as u like , i wont even know that i was being trained.
  3. u play SM i play BD , so we wont ever have a fight over who is better.
    List goes on , but we will get on it once u show some interest.


Hmm,… I’m surprise this one is still going… This post is just for entertainment. She got bored…