Looking for boyfriends


Hello, I just wanted to say Im looking for boyfriend. The conditions are : older than 18, hot, smart and has a sense of humor.

Please message your applications here in this thread. No PM applications will be accepted.

I also wanna say this is a dare from @Elcent




How is the format for the application form?


@KilliN, @Fluxeon, @wlwg or @Vicarious89

All who talked a lot about you @Marija, but maybe talking is to less for you :exclamation:

So they really need to improve :exclamation:




@Elcent Elcenta I hate you , where is my ‘Dare from elcent’ in the topic


Come on, this topic was already a hard dare, dont make it even worse for me lol Keep it civilized


Come on guys, lets not get off topic.

Please keep replies to applications to Marija or questions directly related to the application.


How to get off-topic in an off-topic thread :question:

Also this theme is not only words in an application format, if one of the boys is honest interested, it needs more :exclamation:



I’ve actually talked a lot with Marija even in PMs, we are big friends, but never intended to be her boyfriend Lol, i’m dating since last year.


First Question.
Are you female?
Second Question:
What’s your proof that you are female?
facebook page would be proof.

My answer to your conditions
Yes, I’m older than 18
Yes, I am hot right now. (Tempature is 98 degrees where I live)
I’m not smart. I don’t even know what one plus one is
I don’t know what “sense of humor” is


Thats just besty giving me some ideas. I want her to be in my comission for deciding


"Come on guys, lets not get off topic.

Please keep replies to applications to Marija or questions directly related to the application."

@Marija i can’t reply, elcent hide my comment. I just want a *****some. You know the other girl


You not qualify :frowning:


I am female, my name is obvious
I use gmail actually, never heard of femail, but interesting :slight_smile:


Being sarcastic there buddy.


Spelling wrong. My bad. Problem fix.


Thats a no Pizzarious. I have to give you some pasta with ketchup now :spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti:


Sigh… :’-(


Marija, I dream of you every night, my entire life has been leading to this moment. Our fates are interwoven; our love is fortold in the stars, the moon, the planets, and the Earth, and you are the most beautiful being to ever grace the earth, plants grow and blossom at your feet. We should get a place together; we could live in harmony in the remainder of our lives. I promise that neither of us have known true happiness until we experience the joy of each other, the way it has always meant to be.

:rose: :rose: :rose::rose: :rose:

Please, take my poem as a token of my awe for you;
Marija is my queen
She’s beautiful, isn’t she?
Thats how it’s always been
And she always will be
My love burns brighter than the stars
But she is brighter
I would jump in front of moving cars
For her love I will be a fighter
Now, my love, I end this poem
Im going overboard with this dare
You, Marija, are so wholesome
And your looks so fair.

:rose: :rose: :rose::rose: :rose:


1st rule …

If you mean it serious, never ask for … at the first year/month/week/day (SHE can choose whatever she want) :exclamation:

As @Marija stated … @Vicarious89 is out (at the moment, maybe the Pasta with Ketchup let him cool down) :exclamation: