Looking for a new clan


So. I am aware. That I said I was very "loyal to my clan as a viper."
I am a social bird.
I like to talk to other people… yet, I need other people to talk to, to keep myself sane. I don’t like not being able to talk to other people in my clan. I’m not one to be happy this way.

I’m still alone.

Also here is the picture to for my mechs.
31 PM


@L4K3 @Yeet

We have another candidate




it’s bound to black


Well I have to go. I wil check tommarow morning.


Like to talk? We have a lounge nearing 4,000 replies… you will like it in BTB


@yeet is right, probably the best thread in the entire Forum


Good news!
It will further complicate things a little but it’s worth the deal.


You can join my clan i will talk to you in about 40 minutes and you can join then


Yeah um… I have school in 20 minutes, and I have the math PSSA. Also not to mention, I can’t talk at 6:00 - 8:30 because I have art lessons. So probably around… 4:00


4:00 pm is that good for you


Rip…i have no idea what happened to you.