Looking for a clan


i just a few days ago started playing SM. started out as a BD player (now i got the whole BDSM package going)
idk what the prerequisites are for joining a clan or how to even get to the social part of the game. but i’m cute and smart and basically a legend. i also have memes. and i am top BD player of all time. also, did i already mention i’m cute?


youre not cute youre a fukken weeb


Capo pls. am cute


even more reason to recruit me into a clan. im literally the best player in SM rn. havent lost a single arena match. that 10(+9) is wins (+streak) and the 0 at the end is losses


yeah, 0 losses in rank 47977, 1v1 me I have an account since the game’s beta
add “remembermewell” and duel me :smiley:


Picking on a newbie… Shame on you ;/


Can’t help with the clan part, but your memes are top notch. Keep it up and you’ll be a BDSM master.


I heard BDSM, got here as fast as I could

Anyone need help? :~)


my mech is probably worse than his


Capo plz dont bully newbie. Thts how newbies lose interest in the game and quit. When mean big bullies try to ruin their lives. I literally can’t even rn.


The same happened to me in when I tried playing BD.


BD is different than supermechs, if you don’t bully in BD you can’t win, and if you accept to get bullied you can’t go anywhere either.

the tips literally say:“Conquerors are like school bullies, show them you’re not easy and they will stop messing with you”


TheDevil, if you would like to rejoin, there are plenty of players willing to help you learn. you could either apply at the BDA to get a mentor assigned to you or you can find a private mentor.


Kaen and Capo are right. You need to have your wits about you in BD. if you need help the BDA is probably the best place. Kaen and myself are mentors, among about 15 other people, and will be able to answer any questions you have about the game/train you in an era. If you want to apply you should message either @Elcent, @EnerGY or @Malicewolf :smile:


BD required hours of playing And I will play it again when I have enough hours to spend.




yeah just dont really ask the BDA for help they actually suck at teaching


(This is a purely satirical comment made by me and not the BDA)
Here at the BDA, we are all about accountability. We place ourselves as fully responsible for hariscapo’s hurt feelings. You see, as a child growing up, all capo wanted to do was join a BDA group chat, yet by some twisted logic they only accept learners and mentors. Capo doesn’t find this fair, and we fully understand. After all, teaching people how to play is only one dimension of mentoring. If you don’t have a sensitive troll who wasn’t given enough attention as a child and thus strives to recreate that parent-baby relationship, then how can you possibly show learners who NOT to be?
So while we will maintain our current position, I would personally like to start a campaign to finally give hariscapo what he’s always wanted. #MakeJaymahHisDaddy

(This is on a serious note)
If you are looking to get back into BattleDawn, or are new here and would like to start out with a foot in the door, you really should consider the Battle Dawn Academy as a good option. We create in world alliances, with a couple of mentors supporting a mainly learning alliance. This provides you guys with an opportunity to extend your connections with other players, and to get noticed by other teams. On the current E2 era, we (ChrQ) are ranked 4th alliance wise and are looking to finish the world in 2nd place. So far we have been able to provide our members not only with the good examples set by the mentors in this alliance, but also with good tips and hints that have helped them to improve their game, and filled holes in their knowledge that may have not otherwise been filled.
So if you’re interested in joining alliances in Battle Dawn where there is not only a learning environment but also a success focused mentality, come join us.


You done got me real good there.



What is happening here?