Looking for a Clan to join


So i currently need a clan im rank 14 and im open to any clan :smiley:


you can join my clan it is called LEGEND ROBOTS clan just send a request and you will be in


By the way im rank 14 and you must be rank 9 to join :stuck_out_tongue:


Join Bound to Black and help us achieve #1! @L4K3?


Sure,if he wants to then I’m more than willing to bring him in :))




i will change it then you can join


Join “Jesus Aprofves 100%” my cristin clan it is rank 25 n up. Greet rewards! join up


It’s not that nice trying to steal new members from eachother tho.


Thank you @Splatter I was the first to invite him.


why is everyone inviting me to clans i can’t join because of clan restrictions not sure if you all know but, its there


you can know join my clan