Looking for a boyfriend


Please dont rush me, I sometimes take hours to pick what am I gonna wear, so this is normal for me


You must pick a boyfriend quickly. For every day you do not, I will ban 1 potential boyfriend from the forum until there is only 1 left and therefore, he will be your boyfriend. Problem solved :heavy_check_mark: You’re welcome


Haha,don’t count me in pls.


That sound like a deal with @Elcent - hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :exclamation:

And that …

is my thing …

But I allow you to use it, special in this case :exclamation:




Damn 170 posts about finding Marija a boyfriend. 2 admins in on it too.
You guys are really dedicated to this girls love life uh?

Learn something about the community every day…


It’s all about the thing with the bees :exclamation:



I live in the same country as her.
I wouldn’t date acctualy…she’s too older than me lol


@Malicewolf since when did you become that mean :frowning: Why do you wanna ban my potential boyfriends, maybe I like them all? You didnt think of that, huh??

@Alexander well, Marija isnt looking for boyfriend every day, it has to be a little bit of drama included lol

@The_Yo_Yo_Man A little advice buddy, never tell a woman she is too old :wink:


oh,lol now i see why.


Its okay, you are still young, have time to learn :slight_smile:


E aj cuti molim te xD


@Malicewolf , Who are you planning to ban? been a few days now…


Elcent I think he is working on a way to ban you :joy:


I would like to apply as your boyfriend, My queen Marija :heart:


Hello, I am looking for a girlfriend.
Thanks you and goodbye.



You alredy have one!


Okay this is too far lol.

And i don’t think that Marija would post her face.


Yeah good point plus I don’t need anymore trouble lol


You know what’s also an trouble?
This discusting sign.


And I already have a girlfriend :wink: