Looking for a boyfriend


Pozdrav! Da iz Srbije sam :smiley:


I also wanna say I need a clan member :joy: Now when you are all here xD


What happened to real regin?


My dad is a leader now, he made a topic about change of leadership. The clan is active, top 100 I think


Join Galactica if ya want :slight_smile:

Wait…sht it’s full lol.
We’re top 100.


I have a clan, Im the leader :joy:
Currently in top 15 I would say, but we are missing 2 members. Thats why I said I need a member, not a clan :wink:
Its open clan btw


O sht lol.
I though you said opposite.

Slep sam ponekad.


Its okay, no problem lol


comeon @Marija we just had a small argument and now u came here looking for a new boyfriend and all these years of relationship mean nothing to you anymore , please dont do this to me , i will be a good boyfriend from now , i will even do the dished and wash cloths and maybe cook food too :frowning: . Please come back :frowning:


Al tebe zelu :ok_hand::joy:


Interesting tactic :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




Oh boy… Have I got a poem for you…
Violets are blue
Roses are red
If you carry on with this shit
You’ll end up dead
I’m only kidding… I’m just messing wi- Stop this.



I don’t rant… I expose, prove wrong and use logic against him… I beat him at his own game half the time…
We’re rivals…
Nevermind… I do kinda rant…
But that poem was so shit… No offence…


Well that is your opinion, and you’re welcome to have that. But, this is a goof topic not meant to be taken as seriously as you tend to take things. If I wanna make up a silly poem about someone I’ve never met but keep it positive, I think I will choose to do that. If you want to keep being a source of anger and drama, then more power to you, but it’s at this point I choose to no longer interact with you on the subject at hand. Take care. :slight_smile:


Imma make a poem thing… @adashofSiren what is that poem you did called?


This topic is 11/10 amazing.


Excelent film (i saw again last week)


Ok you are married but, some use low blows, they are not able to win with honor and they need tricks, which immediately transforms them into a “baby” for me. Latinos like me know how to keep honor and fight clean when fighting for a woman.

There is a legend that says that some people try to compensate for their small attributes with biggest cars and motorcycles.