Looking for a boyfriend


That’s cheating lol.


I am married, and to this day without a single fault.


What are you doing here then? lol
Maybe if someone else is also looking for bf, but from me you have a big NO. We can still be friends, I like your dogs


I never applied dear. :slight_smile: im here because ive read the blurred text. And also because its the best thread in da forum atm.
People liking animals are most of the time good people.


This is a huge blow to the bro code mate.


Thats just metre being a good friend to me :slight_smile:


Can I ban the entire forum yet?


No, you have to thank Elcent for this gold topic xD


So gold Marija, any short list yet?
The ape’s cv was pretty convincing and the only one with a picture. Brings trust.


Go for it…
Because why the fack not!


“His name is Elcenta, spell his name right”


I didnt want to give much details on purpose, because only real ones would apply :slight_smile:
Knowledge HAA


Yes, I spelled it right in my bio but forgot to do it here, sorry


marija are u from serbia? :serbia::serbia:


Buraz ona jeste iz Srbije xD
Cak je bila profecijalna.


znam da je bila u Clanu The Reign


Ma bila je leader.


NIsam znao ,stvarno XD XD


Jbt kako?


hahahahahhahah oke pozz marija