Looking for a boyfriend


Did you expect any less from a bunch of hormonal teens and spammers


Of course I did, @SantaClemente


She’s still lookin boys, but this time, a resume is required!
Please send resume’s to SuperMechs@tacticsoft.net!


What the…
(20 20)


heyyyyy Marija , lel


who’s the lucky one? /:


Really, Who is that lucky guy?


How can no one see how kind is @Malicewolf , he is willing to read all the offers and mails and filtrate them, and then tell the best ones to me. How kind, Im truly thankful


I can be your girlfriend if you want :D


Why I have to send application via email xD

It looks as a joke because it is done in so official way :joy:

And with my necro you have another chance to find bf :stuck_out_tongue:


@Trojan I have no idea why Malice suggested email, probably has some reason.
@Skiller-Legendary The topic name is ‘Looking for boyfriend’, not girlfriend. But thanks for the offer tho


Haha maybe Malice want firstly take better ones for him/her?


I didnt think of that!! That totally makes sense now, and I thought he just wanted to help




I kinda really hope someone ends up emailing a boyfriend resume to Sarah for Marija :joy::joy::joy::joy:


That would be fun, but now when you said no one will hahahahah
Maybe if there was rewards given for best email :joy::joy::joy: I would do anything to read that lol


Does my intimate letter not count? :frowning:


Shame this hasn’t got any further :confused:

At least you can celebrate tomorrow!


Marija… I don’t really know how to tell you this but I’ve always admired you and thought you’d make the perfect ham to my ham and pineapple pizza. :pizza:

Do you feel the same?


Why this topic cant die alreadyyy