Looking at the positives why Reloaded is good

Continuing the discussion from Lets look at the positives here:
While that was ironic, I feel like we can scrap our bad feelings, and rather look at the good side of this. Feel free to post your feelings about the good side of reloaded.


I actually really like reloaded , you can make a really solid mech without donating , and max fuse it.

It makes the gap between f2p and p2w slightly smaller

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You can build good mechs without any $$$

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I feel like that too, as a person who never bought anything, it brings me closer from being a noob to being a decent F2P player

I like Reloaded because it gave me a reason to quit this game


There’s a lot more stuff to do.
I like that fact.
It keeps you more active and just because some things are harder to do,it gives you all the more motivation to do it and satisfaction when you succeed.
It pretty much keeps the fire lit.

Now you can only improve your mech without just being purely “lucky”