Look what i just got


Why did i get this why


Because they lied about fixing those in drop rates. lmao


Tactaicsoft ain’t caring about their customers


It has no use for me but to transform a top weapon for me besides that its useless to me


i got a legendary power kit :grinning:


By fixing , they they mean replacing something even worse than legendaries that stops at the legend rarity , these things are absolutely useless until you have a maxed legendary , they doesnt have any other uses or than upgrading , and you need 5 of them in order to myth something , now you would appreciate having items that stops at legendary for fusion points instead of this useless yellow flashlight


@Sarah247 said it would get fixed a while ago…


I think it was a bit shit of them not to fix this BEFORE the box sale when they knew there would be a spike in purchasing.


TS right now:


I have been fighing that mech