Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


Scopes are a tricky weapon to use. The most skilled users can set you up so that their second mech (with a scope) spawns in at range 8 and hits you right away. Heaters can push you into a good range slot if you aren’t careful, and energies too (rare, but possible with Shockwave/LW). Phys can pull you into a corner to use the Falcon, but it’s greatest utility (IMO) is to deter being scoped yourself. Thus face huggers with seraph blade are a the best choice for Falcon, though any mech can use a scope with enough skill.


anyone who thinks the falcon is hard to use…

just git gud

heat mechs had to learn how to handle that with flaming scope

just make a push phy mech, 2 terror cry maybe spartan and the falcon and your good to go
the spartan is for when your done using the falcon…


ITs not ‘hard’ per se to use a scope. What is hard to do is to make an effective and coordinated mech with a scope. Two terror cries mean you have a low dps and res drain, and you’ll be consistently outclassed by other phys. Using a face hugger will get you better results, as once your enemy is cornered a simple teleport will set you up for a kill shot.

Also, don’t forget that people actually watch out for scopes now, ever since 2v2 and arena points increased their effectiveness. Given my experience (receiving end only), it’s defnitely easier to avoid a scope shot than it is to make one.


Falcon could be used with the phys axe that moves 3 places away. This axe doesn´t lower resistance and is range 1 … but it can be useful to use Falcon…

Maybe the repulsor too, but you have to keep in mind that repulsor has very little damage …


its in the game but its super hard to get.i was waiting for the lightning scope portal too. :frowning:


Yeah, but you’d still need to move even after using either of those items. So the utility is pretty limited (at least for repulsor).


Yesterday, for the first and only time, I was able to use Falcon in pvp.

My opponent had more than 20 resistance and Falcon hit 1162 … !! :disappointed_relieved: :scream:


The title for this news thing is a pun… it hurts to look at… help me


Imagine dual hitting Falcon…


killed 1 mech with only 2 moves and a drone attack

Okay one more.


this weapon is broken plz nerf it


I dunno, seems fine to me. It’s really not that hard to look for a scope in the matchup screen and prevent its use.


All scopes are novelty items . If you can’t out manuever a scope than you deserve to get hit . The need for a phys is a little silly as they are pretty much ruling the higher ranks.


Although you usually never get hit by one, they are effective at causing you to miss a turn to move so you can avoid getting hit


And with 2v2, you can often bring the scope in second, surprise your opponent and scope him. That’s my favorite strategy :grin:


Yeah a good opponent will counter that but it is a great strategy . Definitely have to carefully manuever around the scopes