Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


Unknown. It didn’t hurt my rates at all, in fact I only got legendaries doing insane with a premium account (none on straight hard mode). There’s no saying as to how the system actually works (or doesn’t work)…


Beat 7 Times in Hard mode.
Reward = 0 Items. None. Nothing. Zilch.
Awesome. The Portals are such BUNK.
The Game is Becoming tiresome & Boring.


nice happy for u bro :smiley:


7 times?


Not yet.
“Only” 145 now.


@DuduSantos, I think you’re right since the only version I’ve been seeing posted are legendary. I didn’t realize that until you mentioned it.


You too? i thought it was epic as always, but after seeing it, i noticed :confused:
And that might explain the difficulty to get it…


It’s very observant of you. :eyes:

Yeah, now, I’m thinking it’s like the Flaming Scope in rarity. It’s probably the same for the Lightning Scope as well.


Bro, Shockwave is an L-M item but it is slightly easier and drops are good
Falcon’s portal is horrifying and the drop rates are bad


Shockwave and falcon were actually the same…
It was the dynamite boots that was tough…


@WMist253, sorry for the belated reply. For some reason, I got kicked from the forum server and couldn’t login till now. Now, I’m just happy I’m back.

Ok, back to replying to your post:

Yes, I heard a lot of people complaining hard about the bad drop rates. It sounds very bad for some people. Well, at least people can still get portal items through boxes or premium packs, so all is not loss. :slightly_smiling_face:


i’d take purifier… along with the falcon of course
i still wonder why they made it so op


I jut met in pvp someone using falcon with 580-880 phys dmg…
Tht.'s a shame… phys didn’t need one more 400+dmg weapon


. . .

Fail update!
It’s more than I wrote


Don’t forget me too I got nothing good too


I got my 3rd claw and falcon +4 l-m food



My “good” drops from the portal.
Makes up for my other bad portals… patience is key


Now we are waiting for the phisical version of the knockback drone to make this item stronger.


Very right. As it is now, its not a very relevant item…


Bloody hell mate, you got 3?!