Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


Final boxes :slight_smile:

Opening time!


5 refills,still no legy(which means no falcon).

what is wrong with my luck these days.


From the Fortune Box :


Why though?

From the mix boxes :

Okay umm… Wow, Chaos Bringer.



19 refills , 1 legendary , 1 valiant.



okay… this portal was amazing, and disappointing at the same time, here’s why.

I spent around 500 tokens(refills) A LOT of food, and these-
these were from mix boxes
Iron boots(no screenshot)

my first claw… It is now max legendary

HEAT BOMBfood smh

Pretty neat.

AND then something crazy happened-

WHAT!!! THAT I MY 3RD ASH CREATOR!!! 3RD!!! i am a phys build why not give me mercy or spartan or something?

Now, there is 14 minutes left on the portal. I have 6 fuel left. I open the all my mixed boxes, and i find all these legendaries(except iron boots and the claw, got that on the 20th run or something)
3 minutes left, i say to myself- “Let’s have one last try” And then this happened-

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! there were 13 seconds left, but i felt satisfied, and was out of tokens, so

NOW, moving on to the fortune boxes…
Only food was obtained(no legendaries) And you know how many boxes i had?
8 fortune boxes, and no legendaries! That was pretty disappointing,since i really expected at least 2 legendaries.

well, i guess this compensates for the 4 out of 5 legendary fortunes I had got from the shockwave portal

Whatever, I am not complaining… Got a lot, and made me happy.



Same token spent got nothing. What a shame.

And: they know that desert fury, chaos bringer and other garbage legendary is not useful so their drop rates is high than bunker shell for example. Who is convinced now that this is a random system?


great, another portal on wich couldnt get the main iten :expressionless:

only one legend


What is this nonsense?
All i see is everyone geting falcon lmao


Excelent ideea on this item.
In short it is an item that counters another item.
Weight 19kg.
22/22 costs.
600-1000 dmg.
And it will prevent flaming scope users, and corner stategy.
What can i say… broken AF.
Good job… nailed a decent heat item, flaming, with it.
Now phis can control the whole arena.
SC range 3-6.
NF range 2-4.
Mercy range 1-2.
Falcone range 8.
That leaves open only range 7 and 10.
Yep balanced gameplay.
I really wonder why there are heat and energy in this game…:thinking:

I am sarcastic



Same here …

  • invested a lot of tokens

  • invested a lot of time

  • on the game for tacticsoft

… got 1 Legendary (Epic to Mythical) :exclamation:

No Falcon :exclamation:

So I have 2 questions to @Sarah247, @Mohadib and @jonny

  • Do you have a feeling about “investing something” (time and money) and getting SOMETHING for that “investment” :interrobang:

  • How WIwG had multiply of Falcon’s after less than 1 hour (of course they are full boosted already - also less than in 1 hour) :question:

Please compare …

with …

That is not about Luck … once more, there must be a BUG about :exclamation:

We players cannot change this broken system, yes it is clearly a broken system if you compare the output from players with same / very simular investment (time and tokens, more than playing it all the time is not possible) :exclamation:

But you @Sarah247 @Mohadib and @jonny are able to make the system / this system fair for ALL players :exclamation:

No-one says WE players want all for free :exclamation:

WE invest a fortune on time and tokens / money into your game :exclamation:

At least tacticsoft you could manage to have simular output for same investments :exclamation:

Also here - WE do not say, the same, but at least simular, and NOT one player 20 Legendaries and others 0 (as we had on other portals also) :exclamation:



Speaking of wich.
What kind of legy items did you get?


Mate that has been ages that no phys weapon has been released…
Phys arnt pushers, so save for avoiding flaming scope uses, it wont impact the gameplay much.
In our realm you were one of the only scope user, so the face of the arena (at least for us) will not change by much.
For the other ranks i dont really know, we will see in a few seasons…


Pretty sure sarah said something about the portals being different for every player , but someone getting 1 legendary and someoen getting 25+ (@Xyre) for the same refills by the way is just retarded imho.


That is exactly what I mean … that is not about “Luck” … that is clearly a broken system (BUG) :exclamation:

If one player get 20 Legendaries and the other 5 or 7 …

  • the one with 20 was very lucky

  • the one with 5 or 7 very unlucky

… but …

  • one player +20 Legendaries

  • other players 0 Legendaries

… is a broken system :exclamation:



i know friend who got 3 falcon is good?


I think,i just think that you’re maybe right.Because we all know that SM is full with bugs every day.
Ts should double check this.


I mean , in some portals i got really lucky.

Maybe it matters when you first beat the 3 difficulties of the portal , like , if you revive once , your drops will be garbage (cant confirm this theory , @Transcendant said something about this) or even if you revive , buy a premium account and get good drop rates (what @TheWindWeaver told us in our group chat on discord) so.

Its biased on how it works , but there is a special system for portals ithink.


i agree to this idea

i not finish insane and did not revive but i did for my past portals and they give trash


Does buying premium account really make a change in drop rates?


Nah, not necessary. People scope (or try to scope) this face hugger all the time, no knockback is required.