Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


I have this energy weapon,now I am using this one!


I just fused a spare Ash creator…
I have a mortal collecting dust in my inventory…
Would trade it for a mercy.


Good for you sohuku.


I got a mortal bullet too


Thank you so much!
I really wanted this thing!!




@modemer You were right,bro!


Thank you,mate :slight_smile:


Damn it @L4K3, now you have it as well…

Well…Congrats friend…


How many runs and which difficulty?


And I for some reason got Flaming Scope - its 4th in inventory :confused: I want to exchange 2 flaming scope on 1 Falcone or Electro version of it)


Same here :expressionless:

No legendaries from 3 portals =(


Thank you,man!


How many runs and which difficulty?


Hard difficulty and around 50 runs.


Sarah I can’t tolerate these bad drops that I get


Absolutely no words. I should stay calm and not PM bad words to admins


Really??..I did double that and haven’t gotten it


Why is this even called the “Falcon portal” when there is no bigger chance to get that item than other legendary items. After 700 tokens spent I’ve got like 8-9 legendary but non of them was the falcon… had the same experience with the claw. So why is it called falcon portal when the chance of getting it isnt even bigger.
And I don’t want the opposite either, that all legendary we get from these portals are the one that the portal is for… but TS could really do something, at least the first legendary you get is the item.


25 refills myself, and no Falcon. Got every other crappy legend though, about 12 in total.

I really wanted that Falcon!