Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


dang this bird invasion


Yeah…shoo shoo…get out of here



Falcons left and right, yet here I am with not a single legendary.


Just got my first legendary after like 7 refills and it was a stinkin reckless beam, probably my worst luck with a portal ever


Little time left…
Just got back from college…
Lemme try to get more boxes…


I am playing SM on my office computer, I hope boss doesn’t find me :sweat_smile:

Edit : I’m packing all my stuff inside Unclaimed, wish me luck


Got my second legendary… a redeemer torso, this portal doesn’t want me to get a falcon, even though it’s a portal that’s FINALLY useful for me sigh


this is a fcking a sck portal this portal title is to give falcon that a L-M item but, i just get an epics!


Nice list :exclamation:

Here is mine …

Total runs: 50
Total Legendaries: 1


about 54 runs and nothing legendary


Insane mode right?


I did about 70-80 runs and got 2 legies

  1. Scorching feet
  2. Mercy (I like it)

But didnt get a falcon !!!


i need a legend give me one whatever that is falcon, lightning scope, valiant, magma, scorching or myth foood other pleaseeee


Did two tanks of hard mode, no legendaries. Two tanks on insane mode (minus 3 failed attempts), two myth food and falcon.

Drop charge engine for Falcon?

  • Yes
  • No

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I say yes because and only because you have the wheelchair.
But you should equip something like terror cry for knockback, else it won’t work.


Around 300 tokens spent for refills, 72x300?
NO falcon scope. There are players that got it at first or second run

Tell me, is it bad luck? Or drop rates are broken for some players? @Sarah247

I’m really disgusted


Same here I spent 280 tokens on the portal and nothing



L u c k y

I know it’s not the best of the best, maybe even weak, but I actually need it.