Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


2 legendary item!:slight_smile:


Somehow the drop rate of boxes themselves are pretty low in this ITEM portal…
Or is that just my impression?


CloudedSunrise, haha, I’d have to assume you didn’t read this entire thread.


Sorry, almost 500 comments to read through are a bit too many for me. :sweat_smile:


Haha. It sure is! Yes, it’d seem a lot of people are very unhappy with this portal’s drop rate. Of course, there are some lucky people still.


Well, at least from the box clearing the Insane difficulty for the 1st time I got the Physical Scope…excuse me I meant “Falcon” once.


Ah, grats! Another lucky person! :rainbow:


But after that I only got 1 more legendary item after over 7 refills so far. :sob:
Edit: 8 refills if you include the level up.


Level up? Huh, I figured you’re level 150.

That’s rough. At least you got the Falcon!


I’m thinking this portal is a bit more hard on drops because such item is a L-M, which is one of the most rares weapons right? players should understand by that… even i was thinking falcon was epic, but hes one L-M item…




dang this bird invasion


Yeah…shoo shoo…get out of here



Falcons left and right, yet here I am with not a single legendary.


Just got my first legendary after like 7 refills and it was a stinkin reckless beam, probably my worst luck with a portal ever


Little time left…
Just got back from college…
Lemme try to get more boxes…


I am playing SM on my office computer, I hope boss doesn’t find me :sweat_smile:

Edit : I’m packing all my stuff inside Unclaimed, wish me luck


Got my second legendary… a redeemer torso, this portal doesn’t want me to get a falcon, even though it’s a portal that’s FINALLY useful for me sigh


this is a fcking a sck portal this portal title is to give falcon that a L-M item but, i just get an epics!