Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


I’m like pubic lice…

I get everywhere.


I’ll be honest. Since I don’t have a claw, I’m not familiar with claw builds.

However, I’d recommend laying down a resistance (against whatever you’re countering).

Replace the energy caps with energy mods.

You got a weak spot at range 1-2.

Since the claw lacks a knockback, get a melee weapon: hammer or axe (for knockback, so you can use your other weapons).


Nothing yet of Falcon… just one Mercy, one Legendary Zarkares and one Hysteria…


I have 2 claws…



I will use a repulsor, but I have terror Cry at Range 2


Omg I got a spartan earlier and just got a magma blast


and heat bomb
instead i get the unwanted cousin… emp



Winz_Kay, notice, I put that in parentheses because not many people like the repulser.


i have two emps unused and one heat bomb, which i don’t really use :frowning:


now i have 2 emps
one legendary which i stopped using and another one epic not using it
no heat bombs in sight…


No, that’s not what I meant. You pointed out it’s weakness in Range 1, yet you recommended a repulsor which can not shoot at range 1


Haha! My bad. Of course, you’re right. Thank you for the correction.


Can you please fix the portal, i play the same portal more than 50 time on hard mode not one time did i get a box, and this is also happening to other people in my clan. Can you please fix it. I’m trying so hard to get this gun before time runs out.



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@SeanChoi1870, forget the repulser. Thankfully, Winz Kay corrected me on my mistake. Oops!


yeah, and I have a Terror Cry…you must have missed that


Probably replace the Terror Cry with a melee weapon. Your call.


like what?..


Flaming Hammer or War Hammer