Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


i never got legend from this portal whereas i runs this portal until get 200K+ SM
Edit : can somebody give me a tip how to get legends from portal


you pray for a golden light to be peeking out of a box

and farm hard mode


yeah even if you get leggy in normal is nopt going to be the falcon


True, devs proberbly made that not a think so we dont save 2 fuel from each run


when item portals realize i always farming in the hard mode but, i don’t know why i never get legend from item potals maybe it is because i am alegacy player who hibernate 2 years


I got three legies so far: Spartan, Dawnblaze, nightfall. Nightfall is food, spartan is my second spartan, going to use it for sure, and dawnblaze I actually need for my new heat build. Good portal!


Me: 2 so far…One decent L-M Mortal Bullet, another a stupid Chamaera


Mordal bullet is great, I reccomend you use it.


Should I make an Energy mech?
I have an unused Bunker Shell, and Mortal Bullet

or wait for VS


Yes! Bunker Shell! Do malice, hysteria, bunker, last words, mordal bullet.


k…I will take your advice



Good luck with your energy build!


Thanks…will take me about a month or two to get everything prepared for it…


That’s a long time. Hopefully, it isn’t 2 months.


I was kidding…


Hey, @Yeet @rc1

this is it so far

anything I should change?

btw the legendary/mythical modules on the right are for my first mech


Get rid of the plate. For a naga energy with a claw it is unnecesary. Put down another energy engine. Replace one heat capsule with an engine.
Replace one energy capsule with an engine.

Then you are good.


why is there a random energy mech advise sesh in the middle of a portal thread?


Good question…


Why is there a misfit in the middle of a portal thread?