Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


i spent 210 tokens i may do just 1 more refill


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dwight wtf calm down




I hate to break it to you, but spinefall isn’t too good.


@Mr.DaveRight again can u leave him alone u did too much


ok @Sarah247 come see this before they start it


thank u very much falcon346


Falcon: you are welcome my dear sir modemer


This portal lasts 48 hours, right?
I hope so. I just need to wait for tomorrow (Saturday) to come and I’m set.


i love u falcon lol :joy:


sry but no it’s 24 hours only


Rip 48-hour portal…


yup i don’t know why they r making portals 1 day only now :frowning:


I didn’t realise dwight was still a thing.

I thought he disapeared along with kaen.

they sort of come as a pair.


Maybe, it’s another nerf?


lol :joy: :joy: i think so xD


It could be for this portal only. I hope.


At a guess it’s “portals that introduce a Legendary+ item are one day, while portals that introduce an Epic+ item are two days” just to control the number of these that are introduced to the environment.


Wait, the 1st time in normal gives a fortune box, it can drop legenderys, can u get it from normal 1st go… :thinking: