Look what Flew in..... Falcon!


pc why?


playing on phone or pc? just wandering


if i dont get this portal iten, i am going to freak out


Freak out why? its has good damage, but the range of him…


11 runs. 5 without loot. no one legend drop. =(


11 runs is nothing bro, I’m close to 11 refills


Now on 22 refills and no scope. Quite a few decent LM and junk legends, but I’m loaded with legends anyway. I just need that damn scope!

Had the same horrific luck with Claw portal :rage:


All I got was two myth food. Consider yourself lucky


Finally something we can both agree on


It seems like game dropped you a full Electric mech set , how many refils did you do? i did like 8, but still no legies, but I didn’t open even half boxes honestly.


No need to worry, better way to farm items is hard mode anyway.


I’ll say this one more time I only have 1 account tactisoft can see if you are alting. @Techohive @Winz_Pay
btw P.O.T.W I would not farm the portal for multiple hours because of the bad drops. I do not like the forums

@Winz_Kay I didn’t run off I just don’t give a ■■■■ about posting and reading.The whole point is you got 2 of the items from the portal very easily while others are stuggling and not even getting any boxes. It’s just seems fake



I finally got a legendary…why??

I got a stupid Chimaera


i need a chimaera
cause myth food


I got it from a Fortune Box…gotta love those…I always seem to get legendary items from Fortune Boxes


2 refills after i got falcon and no legs


If you will not farm it hard do not complain and hate you are getting is from you spamming forum with maxing items


8 fuel purchases = 3 legends
grimm ripper, desolation, night eagle
all portals hate me!


@Sarah247 I did insane 2 time won, no falcon, all of of my gems has been wasted. We this?


guys i may just stop
should i?
cuz i don’t think that this is the best drop everr