Look at this pretty lit


look at that money


Ah that’s…


thats the best yah the best amount of coins you can have and i am not pissed


Yah thats all the money you have just like all youtubers have becuz of yt ad revenue lol

It’s terrbile.What the hell did you spend on?


oh i spent it on ugrading and buying boxes


Ah classic.


yah i thats the best money i ever had



How can you have -gold? How?


Probably tossed massive cost


they spent excessive amounts of gold,which lead to that.


when you level up, it show that give you some gold, but it does not show on visual.
when you buy a item box cost 6500 gold, if you only have 4500 gold, and you level up, if it give you 3500 gold, but I visual you’ll see only 4500 gold,(but you actually have 8000 gold), that mean you can buy a box, but after buying you’ll get -gold(-2000 gold), just refresh the game, the missing gold will come back.