Look at all those moonies


I finally hit the 10 million mark :grin:


Congrats on reaching 10 mil!


Wow that is a great concentration of monet

note: monet to be pronounced as moneyt


I typically stay at around 5-7 mil, but I wanted to go bigger, took maybe a week or so of grinding campaign


I get to usually 200,000 then spend it on silver boxes to upgrade… what are you going to do with all this gold lol


You could perhaps get some good items with that 2000 tokens, build some mechs off of them, and use the gold to fuse and max the mechs…


Um… good question… i don’t have a for sure answr, I just kinda like having a buffer zone on my gold. I may use it to max out a new mech once I 100% my first two


I’m not sure what I’ll do with the tokens just yet, kinda waiting till the next portal/premium discount


Considering the fuel increase for portals, you might be better off with the boxes… portals are also seeming to have worse drops now as well


Yeah i know… i don’t plan to spend too much on the portals tbh, unless drop rates increase a lot


You would think that they would make drops a bit better with a fuel increase, but of course not lol

I believe they did that as a response to players not buying that many boxes anymore (because of low box drop rates as well…) but the solution to that problem would be to buff box drop rates so players get their moneys worth lol


Completely agree with ya 100% on that


I used to have 1 million dollars and never went below but now I have half a million

Bye CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 10 million


It feels like reaching subscribers lol.



gib sum moons to the poor quick