Longest Battles In The History Of Supermechs


I’m still doing the battle…
I’ma get to you guys and tell you guys who wins after…
I’ve been in this battle for over 45 minutes…
Diamond Shell push OP…
Can we all share stories but our longest battles?


he litterally just let me win at the end… :rofl:


I’ve beaten worse. This battle was way back when Repair Drones weren’t nerfed. Think I watched a Harry Potter movie whilst I was at this. The guy even dragged the battle out by waiting until one second left on his timer to cool down. :sleeping:

I demand a refund of my life. :joy:


Record is still mine.

1039 turns.


30 character limit


i don’t have a screen shot but i went 422 turns in a fight of DS Vs Ds


I once spent 4 hr in a 2v2 diamond match . I not know how much turns but eventually i won.