Long gone , rising

I never had any connections with Rising , but my condoleances to his family.

May his name never be forgotten in this game.


No, I believe @Mordulec confirmed he was suffering for a while now in the hospital before passing.

Although hopefully Mordulec can tell you himself.

What happened? D:

Did he died?!?

Yes, sadly he passed away. I don’t know many details other than that. But ask around (mordulec and another thread was how It got confirmed for me).

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My condolences. I didn´t know anything about this, but at some point I imagined it was like that. I even mentioned it to a friend.


I’m really sorry to hear this.Rising was a topper and also a nice guy whose amazing builds inspired me to make my own…
may he rest in peace and condolences for his friends and family.

He was one of my mentors when i joined LLYL, an inspiration and a good and wise teacher, along others(Mr12,Pow,Se77en,Aegis,Littlelost).
A true gentleman, with huge wisdom, that could come back with some of the best sarcastic lines.
Spent almost 2 years alongside him as a clanmate, and always respected and looked up to him.
Even after he left LLYL, my respect and admiration for him never faded, even as an oponent we had some of the best fights in the SM reloded.
He was and will be one of the Greatest of this game.
My sinceer condolances to his family and friends.
May he Rest In Peace.
I would like to dedicate this to him:


En pa descanse Rising, ojala hagan una zona de campaña donde Rising sea el jefe o un portal Rising, los recuerdos, las veces que pase por esto, no es fácil de aceptar.

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