Lol these battles

This guy is always with me is it nice cause me and him were growing mechs together


LUCKY guy be good friends

I have my Pal Plague, but I haven’t seen him for a while now…
We started around the same time I think and we are around the same rank

Something similar happened to me with a player called spy alone that in the end I became stronger than him … and I no longer see it in pvp

I got haters, Well, You are a likeable person so that’s obvious

I always press the “HI” button everytime I battle someone, but noone loves me ;-;


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perhaps if you would change your name to “chocolate” or "candy"
it might change the situation…:rofl:

i also say “hi” every time, i think it is a basic courtesy
i also see the same 10-20 people all the time…

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My IGN is “cyanine”, preferably the Blue cyanine, the luckiest of colors which apparently gives me lotsa L-M physical items and a few L-M energy weps.