Lol, it has been one of those days


Lol lost my 234 streak because of a network disconnect.
Haha :relaxed:


Internet great villan XD!


I would hate to meet you in PvP lol


i have even though i was in rank 3 i mean wtf the matchup system sucks


I thought u quited on me lol sorry u lost connection @ToxicDoll


its no big deal haha just a game.


I remember that. I was like wtf… I always feel like a turd bully when i get ppl that arent even rank 1…


u beat me everytime i see u in rank battles and u make me shoot down to rank 2 lol


i just left it because i knew i was never going to win


You are still a legend of this game Zilla.


Lol means alot i aint been called legend ina long time thanks pal


tfw when two energy mechs collide…

You two would beat me anytime tho I still need to get legendaries to become mythicals