Logos w/ references

Ill try to do logos of different items .

for now you can look at some i made.
constructive critisism pls

If you want one , just say a letter or give me a reference (item from sm)


That is Awesome…can you do the letters S and C?..sort of like the first black and white one of TD you did

oh and btw what are the letters in the second one? is it S and G?

The second one is a an S D one.

third one could have some more ‘‘webs’’

oh…I see it now…

My client wanted it simple.

Yes i do sell some of these

some can be a bit thicker than the oners

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I like the third one as well…it’s simple and nice

Its honestly , when i get commisioned for a logo , i do around 3-4 prototypes , then i show him them , see what he thinks , and work with my customer to get the best result.

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it kinda looks like the assasin’s creed icon

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I tried creating my own just for fun…but it’s not as good as yours…
2018-02-10 (4)
and I just accidently got deleted it without saving it…:frowning: but at least I have a photo of it :slight_smile:

Third one reminds me of KilliN’s logo.

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It can actually turn on my logo if you rotate and change dimensions.

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