Logon problems?

Is anyone experiencing logon problems right now? I just cannot log in the game… All different bugs and errors reported.

Im stuck in battle with hamza, for like 20 minutes. Somebody help please

Is it like global server problem? What is going on?

I dont know. I was supposed to win, and suddenly I cant make a move or anything. Many people cant log in

Great! New patch is round the corner… Guess what this time? “We streamlined the economical model of the campaign”… Read: no more gold for missions, suckers, buy gold for tokens!

Brand new update: The color of the item box at the end of the campaign is now green instead of blue! Enjoy!

Happy Supermechs day!

– SM Team


Refresh. There is no way he hasnt finished you in 20 minutes.

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It was my turn to finish him, but it froze for both I think. After half an hour of waiting, I finally won, maybe he quited or refreshed.

Waiting for 5 minutes is more than enough because after two turns where you havent moved the game automatically quits. And maybe your browser and game froze but im sure that the countdown counted on the server. And if it froze for both of you then the player who made the last move gonna win anyway. Saw the replay and im sure that Hamza made that mistake that he quit after the freeze and didnt wait that 5 minutes. Which is actually 2 and a half minutes (30 sec x 5 times because you have 30 seconds to move so your 1 minute for the two turns and his 1 minute… and 30 seconds more just to be sure.)

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You sure have some patience! :sweat_smile:

We could’ve speak for that 20 minutes. So he didnt quit. Its either bug in game, or someone hacking…

When you are on verge of becoming rank 3 again, you will have patience lol