Login reward 2.0


Instead of getting the same exact thing every almost-month or so, have an rng-based reward every day whuch includes epic lockboxes and even special offers (50% off one token purchase next 24 hours or it disappears if unused. Or 75% off). But besides the randomized everyday roll, also have some set rewards. Like, 50th day of logging in, the player gets some cosmetic item to add to their mech, or a special non-buyable color (not rng-based. Have a certain item every single player that reaches 50 days gets), or power bank things to level up your boy, or even include some unique otherwise non-achievable utility items(some energy, heat, resistence, or armor item) that is unattainable through boxes or otherwise. This way players free and pay alike will have the chance to earn the same rewards. And the idea of including random 50% off or 75% off token discounts will be perfect for Tacticsoft, a company trying to get every last dime from players. It will give even free players that never bought any tokens, a tempting offer to make a single purchase that will be a lot cheaper than usually. And pay players that only once in awhile buy tokens will have to decide. Either use this super deal NOW or lose it.

  • Yes, change login reward
  • No, keep login reward as is

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idk, I guess we could also have a wheel of luck maybe?

Then again, they might force us to use tokens to have a spin


You could possible get to choose any item after 50+ days


Wa-, wait, wait! I agree with your idea, but… since it was implemented… I haven’t even received the last bonus once xD
I’d like the wheel of luck (as Erik_Huang said) with some “big prizes” like a certain amount of tokens, a new item (or items) that is only obtainable in the wheel or something like that… of course with some “crap prizes”.
Or the calendar… since i can’t buy tokens via paypal or any other way (i don’t know why) i don’t care about the offers… but i’d like it


I would like to know what i’m getting (option 2)


Yeah i agree!

They do need to change this stupid thing for newer items,the silver box always gives commons and almost never on epic!


Anyone here play Warframe? I basically jacked the change they made update 18 to the login reward system. It works extremely well there. Not discriminating between pay and free players.


Please elaborate on this so i can clarify.


Is this about supermechs?
If so I already like the daily rewards how it is, I like to know what im getting day 1 coins day 10 boxes etc


That would be a great idea, but I highly doubt the admins will give a shit about reading our topics.


OKay yeah option 2


the tacticsoft team when they see these proposals


love it but with some changes maybe
from the other login reward i was happy of getting mythicals for free even when 98% of time theyre werent useful for me
would be pretty nice get at least 2 legendaries every month x sure since we need them to fuse and since now farming go to the hell
would be cool a 30 days login reward:
1 day 5k gold
2 day 3 blitz tickets (1 ticket instaclear a level of ur chose that already have a star, this is x farming easier instead of pasing the whole lvl again)
3 day 2 tokens
4 day a common mix box
5 day fortune wheel where u got a 10% of getting a legendary, 10% of get 10 tokens, 10% of get 50k gold and then 70% distributted on common mix box, 10k gold, stamina
6 day 7k gold
7 day 5 blitz tickets
8 day 3 tokens
9 day 3 common boxes
10 day 2 spins on wheel
11 day 10k gold
12 day 10 blitz tickets
13 day 5 tokens
14 day two +1 mix box(a common box with an extra card)
15 day 2 spins of wheel
16 day 15k gold
17 day 15 blitz tickets
18 day 10 tokens
19 day two +2 mix box
20 day 3 spins of wheel
21 day 25k gold
22 day 20 blitz tickets
23 day 20 tokens
24 day a fortune box
25 day 3 spins of wheel
26 day 30k gold
27 30 blitz tickets
28 30 tokens
29 day a +2 fortune box
30 day 5 spins of wheel
and! instead of getting the next reward no matter how much time u dont login if u dont login a day u just skip the reward instead of make server wait x u
this way server would have the reward counting for all at the same time and the same reward making it easier and more eficient
basically server would offer u a reward every 24hrs if u dont claim it u lose it
this would give to the game a better fidelity from players ensuring they want to login everyday and probably showing to they friends the game with a probability of getting more people and probably more wallets


That is good but there should be a catch on the Final Day,Like fight the Buffed Version of Godmode…
wait…i can give out it’s stats so it would be easier for me to remember

Hp:2,000+ Elec/Heat Cap: 300+

Damage per round:100-200

Torso: Brutality
Weapons (Side,No top):Mythical and buffed Corrupt light

Stomp dmg deals about 150+

And If you lose you have to wait till the next 24 hours