Logging into SM after the NEW UPDATE

First time logging into Supermechs after new updates:

Nothing weird till now , The login page looks familier (entering login and password)…

Wait something diffrent is happening , a new screen is showing up and it says that my old currency will converted into new currency which is in the ratio 01 new currency for every 10 old currency. No big deal i am an asian so i am used to getting lower exhange rates in western countries currencies anyways. … And wait there is more , 2 mythical boxes on the house. Thanku for that (i hope this time atleast i get some good mythical from these boxes)…

To be continued…

im sure your next post will be like:

bye game i am done…


I thought the same thing…

But guess what those are no longer Mythical boxes they are PREMIUM boxes which the max you get IF YOUR LUCKY is a GOLD aka Legendary the best you can get now :frowning:
You can fuse those to make them more powerful but if you thought the game had overpowered stuff before, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

I traded in 20,000,000 SM coins and only got 14 premium boxes which had a total of 2 Legendary a few EPIC and a bunch of COMMON and a few RARE
What a waste.

lmao the way it’s going most have left already but we’ll see. It’s like starting all over after all the time put into creating good bots it’s all trashed.

One of the main reasons why I hate browser games they always have to mess with a decent setup thinking they’ll make it better only making it worse.

play tf2 dude…


LOL I always liked and still play TFC on the EVIL clan servers. I’m an OP there.
TF2 haven’t gotten into to much it doesn’t seem to like my computer.

continuing from 1st post … , now i see the daily boost page which is also a bit diffrent , now i can get a mythical box in just 7 days of clicking… and whats the green thing , is it mountain dew , oh well bad for me i dont have a heat mech , no use.

I clicked on my first day 14 boost and it gives a …Ultra power kit…meh…

from the boxes i got Ironbark , anhilation and 2 savagery.

and colour kits need to be bought with red tokens!!! , wth , this is the worst thing i see till now.

Unfortunately, no… that is not Mountain Dew.

Sorry to disappoint.

Would have went well with the Doritos.

Help i didnt convert all credits to gold coins can u do something please like how to reopen new gold currency???

Credits are automatically converted to gold coins (assuming you didn’t trade them off for boxes). I believe the exchange rate is 1 coin per 10 SM credits.

well i only transfer half of credits to gold coins but how do i transfer all though

sooo how do i reopen gold currency cuz i transfered half of my credits but i Didnt transfer all to gold coins please can the team do something please :frowning: