Locked tournament


I’m not even sure myself this is a good idea but I’m sick of those “hunters” that spam invite you with their module perfectly setup to go against a specific mech… cough couch Blackman and friends…

What if ranked mech could only be changed once a week… Like when you start a new week you get in ranked match with your mech(s) and cant change the setup until the tournament ( week) ends ?

Or any other suggestion that wouldn’t make me go against an energy mech with 500+ heat points but only 193 energy…


Had the same thought exactly. Players without maxed items should be allowed to update them, but not change them of course.
Another question: Imagine you play mostly 3vs3, but want to play 1vs1 at some time, for that you normally would mix your items to get the best possible mech.
I would like to invite @Spaddel with his idea of the mech-album… :wink:


The idea isn’t perfect but I think if it was to be implemented if you enter 3v3 and want to play 1v1 you would have to choose one of the 3… if not we would have the same problem we have now…

And yeah, if unmaxed item are equiped you could upgrade them during the week…


Physical mechs with 80 Physical resistance like MjolnirHammer or DeMaczeta

But it’s ok, when they’re online I hunt them with my heat mech


I like the idea, but it shouldn’t affect lower rank players. If you start this game, you have to change your setup quite often, since you always find better stuff than you already have.
Therefore you should be able to switch as much as you like until you reach rank 10 or rank 15 (maybe?) for the first time.


I have to admit that I can’t remember that one :sweat_smile:

However, I’m afraid that a locked tournament wouldn’t prevent mech hunting. Most player battle 1v1, so if you can lock 3 mechs for 3v3 and can use each of them for 1v1, you could still hunt specific mechs while having a working allround-build for ranking in 1v1.


We don’t really need to worry about it. I tried doing it and… XD
Its the worst idea in the world. Somehow, if you put ton of hp and heat you face only electrics.
But try putting ton of energy and hp… Only heats.
lol isn’t it funny?


I usually change my configuration, depending on the items I get during the week.

Therefore, it does not seem like a good idea for 1 week to keep the same items and the same modules. Not at all, it’s not a good idea.

You mean that there are players who send you fake invitations, just to see if you are in the chat or are playing at that moment. And they set up their mechs so that if they meet you in battle, they can defeat you.

You have some options to avoid this. First, go to the workshop, take any torso and don´t put legs, put it in the box with the number. 1, then refresh page. Put again the mech you will use in the battle. When the person wants to send you an invitation to play, whether you are in chat or not, the invitation will be rejected.

Option 2: Disable the option that any player can send invitations for friendly battles. It´s the most direct, but I didn´t place it as the first, because it isn´t working to me now.

Option 3: When someone fills your screen with yellow letters of invitation, take a break. Get to campaign for a while. Coins always come well.

Option 4: do the same! The player who is sending you invitations is because he wants to play pvp! So you go to the workshop, set your mech to beat him, and go! Then ask for battle. When the other meets his modified mech, he will be surprised!


I don’t get it?

Invited battles don’t affect rankings at all.
They don’t even add to clan wins.
You can block/mute people on chat.
There are 200-300 people in lobby so the chances of versing u are small.

What’s the problem?


Whether somebody is currently playing arena or not isn’t clearly visible via the online ranking or in chat - but if a battle invitation is automatically declined, chances are high, that this person is currently not playing arena (or did what @Wepwawet suggested). This way you can wait for a certain player in your ranking area to come go to the arena and then battle him using a specific setup to counter his mechs.
At least that’s what I understood…


So, just to be clear,
if you never went to chat they cannot invite you, thus the problem is resolved.
Am I missing something?