Lockdown Mythicals


Some Myths locked for a week
Metal shredders and God Mode has been locked down for this week , you can’t use these in ladder
eg. 2 : Diamond shell and Repair Drones (is it ok now @El_Metre)

Idea to make it better:
Create a Upper Ladder Rank 1 (Ladder Rank 1 = Dark Skull) which won’t go down
So that only Ultra Veteran and Top Players have to follow Lockdown

Go to workshop and Bring up something new and creative :wink:

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Such as DS and repair drone. With push wepons!
Stop beeing pissed on shreders, they are excelent wepons, to smack down DS.


That was just a example :expressionless:


Listen i’m all about creative builds, but the fact remains that there are some builds out there… that you cant handle unless you have shreders.
The breackers/nova combo isnt reliable to counter 690 hp DS.
But on the other hand, a swarmer build can counter a shreder build easy.
Also the Energy mechs, can’t do anything to DS, if it has 80 regen.
The other counter for DS is the heat/rear hit combo, or the Phis orb.
But they get wasted fast by Lavas/axe combos.
Wanna solve the problem of balance… it’s hard and requiers alor of tinkering.
If we lockdown certain builds, that will make the builds that they usualy counter the main build for that week.


Look at the Primary Idea
Secondary Attributes can be changed

That was a example , it can be changed

To balance They can lock multiple myths


Like i said, it is an excelent ideea.
But what we gotta be carefull what we lockdown so that it doesnt make a certain build OP, and rule the game for a week.


We don’t have to balance , do we?
Its developers job :slight_smile:

Perhaps waiting for economy update


that won’t solve it…trust me on this one…there are some pretty OP sheet there…


shedders are good for smashing Diamond Shells, unfortunately thats because they are OP
they could be good at smashing Diamond Shells while not being OP. For instance, by having same stats but with ammo cost doubled. Over few turns deals irrepairable damage to DS and also reduces his resists heavily, but isn’t that overpwoering against normal mech (with higher HP)

and yes you can totally pwn diamond shells without shedders. Just use push/pull build (any Orb Cannon or Rear Hit, and something to push), in fight get in range with 3-move legs then spam your pull weapon till his resist is broken. So its not Diamond Shell OP, its people don’t know how to counter it.


Another very good idea but sadly weapons are not balanced at the moment but as soon weapons and other stuff gets (hopefully) balanced in next update then;ur idea can make game even more interesting :slight_smile:
The fact is some builds like diamond can only be taken down by ds even major electric build fails to kill high regen diamond while other counter for diamond like rear orbit are useless almost against all other mechs while ds can easily be countered by any heat mech if u know how to make other skip turns fast right now game need lot of balance before something like this happen

but i do hope we see such things in future :slight_smile:


I thought of posting this later , after e conomy update
But the sooner , the better :slight_smile:


This is the most ridiculous idea. I spent 3 years of playing to fuse 3 torsos to max level. Now only because of stupid lockdown I will be doomed for serious ass-kicking only because one of my torsos is LOCKED DOWN… The gap between top players and middle/low level player will get even vaster… Thumbs down!!


Yes you are right @Mordulec, for the low-mid level players it’s a killer.
While top players have alot of builds at hand, and can adapt quick changes in case of lockdowns, a player that has relative low fussion, and only a few high fussion items, will get wrecked fast.
The game is unbalanced, and the gap even between mythicals is huge, see shreders vs neddles, or God Mode vs Meltrons/ Ultraspade, or between legs(the 2 jump/walking ones are beeing useless now).
The balance wont come from beta, cause the gap there between epic-legendary-mythical, it’s even greater(only in terms of dmg it’s of 50%/tier).
Will have to wait and see.
The ideea as a principal, is to add fun and diversity, but not in the curent setup of wepons.
As to put it in the words of the devs… it should be implemented “SOON” (probably never)


im agree and doesnt matter if another build gets too good thats the point have a new look at top ladder and force people to improvise every week and stop using just the same annoying and boring strategies