Lockdown - clarity required in tactical view - new vote

to put it very short: in tactical view, i need to touch mouse pointer on outpost to notice a locked target… otherwise there’s just no way to notice this…

i suggest a huge “X” crossing across a locked down outpost so people can act from tactical view…

think people will realise the importance of this suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

it should be apparently easy to implement as well for Alexander…

ty, Alexander for doing the development…

  • yes. i want it
  • nope. doesn’t matter

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I wouldn’t go with a huge “X” per say

but I think it might be nice to somehow see if you’re locked down in tactical view.

tbf tho you can just:

  1. Check your events every tick during war and not be lazy
  2. Turn off tactical view? :thinking:

you forgot to vote, Carter.

i prefer a huge “X” bcoz it implies a crossing-out/no-go zone by itself… :stuck_out_tongue: … but i won’t stress on it… whatever Alexander does would be great… just would like to see this implemented…

Answering your queries…

  1. checking events is not sufficient for reviewing lockdowns bcoz:
    (a) in tactical view, u won’t know if you are flying into an already locked down outpost that is not owned by you
    (b) events notifications do not come to you if you don’t have (outpost owned by you + if you don’t already have units in cases where outpost is not owned by you).
  1. also question… check whole map every tick in tactical view and zoomed-in view during war??? o.O… really? not efficient… in that case, why not scrap tactical view all together? just saying… :stuck_out_tongue: noooooo… tactical view makes it easy and is needed… in that case, both views have to be capable of addressing all features concurrently as much as possible… thatz what you truly want in a mature game… BD is already mature… this is fine tuning that is absolutely required… and quite an easy one to get done…

thanks for voting and your viewpoint. hope my answer will help others decide as well for this…


^ bump

everyone vote. :wink:

just to know: what’s the deal like?

how many votes needed for this to become an official suggestion? :stuck_out_tongue:

somebody inform…

Votes don’t matter , it’s not an topic started by Admin xD

It’s purely for my sake to be honest.

I just occasionally take a look at things that I could get into an update, and I use votes for/against to weight which particular ones to pick over others.

Unless the suggestion makes the game much more fun, chances are it’ll be a matter of work & relevance vs value & demand.

A highly voted suggestion for a system I have to touch anyway, is most likely to get in.

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Can you tell this please to the SuperMechs side devs ???




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sometimes it’s not just the votes… it’s (votes+income)… :stuck_out_tongue:

give them both and ur suggestion will become gold… xD

Suck a quick reply xD

can i have a few more yes votes please?

thanks guys… :wink: