--->Local Warrior needs a clan<------

Hello my name is Creeperking109. I am a veteran SM player ever since you could BUY items from the shop. Any was i need a clan to join but first id like to tell you guys about myself. I have made it to rank 2 in about 4 or 5 months. I have good enough mechs with powerful mythical’s, I have the skill, I have experience, and I LOVE TO PLAY SM. These are the requirements i need for my clan.
1: the clan needs to VERY active
2: needs to be MORE than 17-31 people in it.
3: clan needs to be able to be in a high rank in tournaments
4: and finally I need a nice, respectful, fun-loving and lawful order in a clan. I hope one of you guys want me in your clan(YOU WONT REGRET IT) look below for more info

my current mechs

to contact me this is my clan so just send an invite to join and we can talk :smile:

ps: my electric mech is dabbing. LOL

OOPS Sorry I meant 10- 24

You rank 2…I’m rank 1… old items can’t really be used and… you kinda suck…
legacy items don’t work for PVP anymore and the new items are the “thing” now…

anyways i need a clan soooo yeah

good luck getting one… I was a "top player"
but i quit…

It isnt so hard to win in pvp with legacy items
I winned some players with mechs with 1000+ hp , it depends if you have a good mech and strategy ( also luck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)