Little issue with the new item portal

When you complete the mission on the portal it gives you ‘‘reconnecting’’.

And it doesnt go away , im stuck in there @Sarah247


I have the same issue plz help , on mobile device as well…
and then after reconnect was successfully completed - you cant see any reward to press ok button for continue…
Why you guys don’t have some testing environment?


others can do this portal and we are stuck here!

no trafalgar
no one can complete the boss battle

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I think that they added the protal before the actual item.

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everyone get stuck there?
after doing first mission?
this portal is a trap(a trap which give you 10 tokens at every refresh)


Resolved… thnx… i’m out this trap

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I am on mobile and stuck as well

Got the EXACT SAME THING…if you reboot the gsame…it just repeats and stalls at the MISSION COMPLETE screen…
(frustrating, yes?):unamused:

I like the 10 tokens deal…everyone REFRESH!:grin:

I’m stuck is the mission besides that there is not a topic on this site I just found out a few minutes ago

That would make sense…that’s why.

I enter on the lightning scope portal and now im stuck on this infinite loop :frowning:

And I was going to farmear :sob:

refresh it gives u free tokens hahhahahah

refresh it gives u a lot of tokens for free

Same issue - Android device just “Reconnects” then locks up on “Mission Complete” screen. Can’t play regular game, can’t do anything! Restarted phone - no joy

How did you get out? I’m still stuck there

Add me to the list of people stuck in this bug.

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PLSS HELP MEEEE IHAVE A BUG PLSSS HELP:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: