Little issue with old and new account

i have an old account with like 4 mythicals in it the little problem is that i want to transfer items to my new account that i use alot more than the old one is there some way to do that?

No. There is no way to transfer items to another account. Nor would they ever do such a thing.

Multi accounts are Not supported by the SM Team. (It’s against the TOS).

So you’re going to need to remake myths on your new account. (Unless they’re legacy, then those cannot be obtained/made anymore).


thanks for the help
i will delete my old account

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No problem! and accounts can’t be deleted (unless by a Dev I believe). So it’d be best to just forget about it and play on your current one.

Also any regulars mind changing this to uh G/D. This isn’t a bugs/issues type of topic

Accs can be deleted… By putting a new account in that account xp

Can you show us?

If your account is only linked via Google Play it can spontaneously vanish, it’s happened to one of my other accounts

My main account is linked with Facebook, Google Play AND Supermechs! Making it almost impossible to disappear except for Devs.

Mine is SM linked only

Overwriting is most effective type of deleting

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Ahh yes, overwriting :point_right::ok_hand:

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